Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tadaaaaa!!! Triceratops mask finished

I shared some photos of Kest's (Vagabond Jewelry) progress in creating a metal triceratops mask in one previous post. Well... she finished it already. Here are some more progress photos and the final look.

One of her comments on the process:
"The eye holes I got fancy- cut the shape out of a 2x4 and hammered into that as a die ( I hate having uneven eyes, and that was the simplest way to make sure I didn't). The veins I hammer against metal, to thin it, anneal, and then just bend by hand. I'm using 22gauge sheet, so it forms really easily."

I hope she will be surprising us with some more of her creative head wear.
If you ever wonder do people just buy them as wall art or actually wear them this is her answer:

"I sell a few to people who plan to use them purely as decoration, but mostly to people planning to wear them. I don't generally ask WHERE they plan to wear them, and particularly for Internet orders I never know, but some that I've met at fairs are:
A young gal who desperately wanted one to wear to prom, and then came back the next day, surreptitiously, with money her mother had given her for a dress.
A whole family who had just bought tickets for Venice.
A couple planning to go to Mardi Gras.
Slews of people who go to sci fi or fantasy conventions
A mom and daughter pair planning to wear them to the next PTA meeting
A fellow going to a lady gaga concert
Circus people of varying ilk, either for their own shows, or to surprise their friends.
An older gent who hoped it would keep the sun off his nose when he was walking
More slews of people going to Renn fairs, including a little 90 year old lady in a pink cat sweater who I want to be my grandma.
Goths, Freaks, and Queens, for daily wear
Whole skads of unexpected types for Halloween and other costume balls
My very favorite, though, was at the last group of fairs I went to. A family was in the booth, and the little kid, no older than four, went to try on one of the little ones. His mama said they weren't for wearing, and Ivery politely intervened and said that they could be, if a person was so inclined. She, very snottily, asked "Why?" and her son, not taller than my waist said, and I quote, "Mommy!! They're for carnival!!" "

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