Monday, January 16, 2012

Thoughts on TADA365 - 2011 and future

A whole year of TADA365 passed. We were so overwhelmed in 2010 with Ring-a-Day challenge that we just wanted to continue with the same emotions of pushing some of our dormant parts of creativity in an environment without negative pressure from anyone and tons of positive vibes and inspiration from online community of people with same inclinations, problems and visions. Thus the name True Addicts of Daily Art. Thanks to our dear Mary Lu Wason for creating the group and pushing it forward, giving us guidance and organising our minds with necessary deadlines for themed shows.
Our first intention was to drive ourselves mad by posting every day something about our creative ventures in jewelry making. Through the year it has been proven to us that it wasn't important.
Main goal is to keep the creative energy flowing between us and within us, thus making it glow through all our work and communication. We have shown to love our differences, enjoy in them and grow through them. My vision for this group is to keep that bond we have between artists and keep growing in that spirit. Support is of critical importance for every human being to grow in healthy spirit, so is for an artist. I thank each and every member for being understanding, compassionate and kind.

I asked our members two questions :
1. What does joining TADA365 mean to you now when you look over your shoulder and remind yourself of the year 2011?
2. Do you have any expectations, ideas or visions for TADA365 in the future?

Lets take a glance into some of their thoughts.

Evelyn Markasky:

Well, looking over my shoulder has been a very interesting experience! I found my journal from January 2011 with the writing and sketches I did for TADA. My observations that I made at the beginning of 2011 were almost exactly the same things I said to myself 2 weeks ago beginning 2012. (Including losing 10 pounds and not always being on the computer!) Seems like I ended up doing what I usually do... start off strong and excited and then get worn down and lost. Of course, all was not lost. I may not have completely seen through the original ideas from 2011, but by the end I had completed a lot of work and evolved in a way a had actually hoped I would.  I may not have ended up posting something everyday, but I don't think that was necessary. I wanted to do that to keep going in my studio and working and staying inspired, but now that is no longer a problem. What TADA had evolved into for me, was a group of close friends (that I still can't believe we really don't know each other face-to-face!) where we could think out loud and get feedback and advice and inspiration. I think the most exiting part was figuring out having online exhibitions (thank you Mary Lu!) I haven't been on Flickr as much as I used to, but I think part of the inspiration from TADA was to work more, surf less, and that has definitely happened.

I think TADA can evolve into a really cool online thing, more than just flickr, (which we've already seen happen.) It's something we started because we love what we do and it's still going and it is being allowed to evolve. We don't have to keep doing something we don't need to be doing anymore, we are always assessing what our needs are and the needs of the group. It also allows everyone to work at what ever level they are on. In addition to the online exhibits, I think it would be very cool to do some physical exhibits where we send our pieces to different parts of the world and create shows.  Members who are able to can try to get together a local show and we can all have a piece in it...

Maria Apostolou:

After completing Ring-a-Day, I joined TADA365 because I wanted to continue being  part of a supportive online community  and stay in touch with my friends. Also, expanding on previous ideas and creating collections, which was the main goal of our group, seemed like the next logical step to take. As I look back, I'm so grateful for deciding to join TADA. The making process can be so lonely and there's nothing more important that having a safe place to exchange ideas, share feedback and support one another.

The goals of TADA365 for 2012 reflect exactly what I would like this group to be in the future. I would say that they even surpass my own expectations!

Jill Palumbo:

I've thoroughly enjoyed TADA365. I was so encouraged by this group of creative and caring people. I learned so much from the others involved; how ideas are generated, how different artists tackle the challenges involved in creating jewelry, and that each of us faces setbacks and lulls. Being in this group really motivated me to keep working, to keep creating. Even though I broke my kneecap and was too busy to plan any shows, I had a few surprise shows, last-minute invitations, before and after the holidays. I sold many of my TADA creations! I was prepared with products and display pieces, and I have TADA365 for the successful shows.
About TADA 365 in the future? I would love to try this again. A weekly project sounds tempting to suggest, but I know I would not produce as much. I would not have learned so much on the planning details of producing artwork for a show if this had been a "product-a-week" type of group.


Click on the link bellow the photo and you will be taken to our latest online show on TADA site.

Impatiently Waiting for Spring
Ponsawan Sila

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making a Fig Box Jewel from polymerclay

I will make something close to this old box i've made in 2008 from a picture
beautiful pics here!!!!

This project is the "fruit" of a challenge with a Frenchwoman artist of Polymer Clay,
With her I share the taste of the "trompe l'œil" and the "faux", inspired by the nature this Parisian is also gastronome, and there also I join her...
Thus the end of 2011, further to an article on one of its exhibitions of the end of year we exchanged some words on " figs in polymer clay", and as I am crazy about fresh figs texture, taste, the seeds which crack between teeth I dashed.
Regards fruits and fleshy vegetables, as wife of Cook I always considered these as having two aspects: inside and the outside. Outside which we remove or not, outside that we cut to see / eat the inside... The box is a permanent obsession for me and thus having hesitated on the project fig ring which deprived me almost of the vision of the inside (unless removing the ring... Contemporary rings have this idea/concept...) I returned towards my passion of boxes and their construction.

I chose one i've made in 2008, whose hinge is almost invisible, which is interesting for a fruit cut in halves...

3 days working on and this is the result...

Did you know that fig doesn't undergo the gravity on the tree... i mean "not like an apple"

The link between tree and fruit is special, so i did it... but of course i didn't change the usual pendant of the purse...

I am a girl from 70ies, My childhood was marked by movies " as "La Belle et la Bête" of Jean Cocteau, "Peau d'Ane" of Jacques Demy, but also all the Cape and sword Movies where the women wore dresses covered with precious stones which made them sparkle... 

I love these vague pictures of sparkling women in great and poetic dresses... It is the global feeling that I looked for as finish of the jewel with some glitter sealed in the material beside Swarovski crystals .

I hope you enjoyed the story. Happy New year with TADA!!!