Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Interview As Art

Sandra Zubčić

1. What was your first work of art and how old were you?

Well, I've to think! Since my childhood, I loved to keep my hands busy, doing something creative. Drawing, knitting … things like that. My first serious work, which I was really proud of, was my colleague’s portrait, drawn on our art class, shown on a school exhibition. I was 13 or 14. It was a drawing with drawing charcoal on paper.

2. What did you do for fun when you were a teenager?

Oooooh, a lot of “wonderful” stuff. The most innocent thing was collecting ants in glass pots filled with soil, to “study” how they are building there tunnels. Looking back to that, my parents had a really big understanding for my “hobbies”

3. What and when was your first job?

It was a job as an accounting officer, some 20 years ago. Still, I’m in the same branch, working in an office. Numbers, tables, reports … a boring accounting job. It had to be spiced with a little bit of creative expression.

4. Has your work gone up in price compared to when you first started?

Yes it has. Not much, but there is a slight difference.

5. Where do you get your ideas?

A lot of things can give me the needed “click”. A movie, something I’ve read … a conversation … curiosity to try something new. I think Pinterest is a strong inspiration source.

6. Who do you think is the best business artist in the world?

Donna Kato, for instance. An artist who developed a significant business in the world of polymer clay.
7. Do you ever think about politics?
No, never. Simple because, thinking about politics won’t give me anything. Maybe just some bad headache.

8. What is your favorite color?

Definitive purple. Although, I love to look at, to use or wear something turquoise. You can see me more often in dark colors than light one. I avoid very strong colors. I don’t know. It’s maybe a mistake. But, I simple don’t like to be in spotlight, that’s the reason. 

9. Do you do all your own work, or do you have people working for you?

Everything I do, I do it myself. For now, I don’t have a problem with finishing everything on time. Having in mind what kind of products I produce and what techniques I use, I don’t have the need to shift something. My younger daughter seems to have an interest in art. So, who knows … in some near future, she could maybe help me.

10. Do you have an interest in films or video?

After last year’s experience, yes. I’ve created jewelry, mostly in chainmail technique, for a British medieval movie with colorful and rich costumes. It was an honor to see my work in a project like that. Yes, I would like to do something like that again in the future. It was an interesting and new experience.

11. What kind of toys do you have?

My pliers. And in near future, a lot of metal smith tools. 
12. What do you do when you're not working?
Gardening. Can’t wait for spring to come when a new gardening season begins, and I love it. Or, treasure hunting on the nearest flee market. 

13. What time do you go to bed and what time do you get up (most of the

Mostly I’m getting up at 6. Some hour or two more on weekends. Although I’m trying, I never go to bed before 23 or 24. 

14. How much time do you spend on the computer?

Too much! I can’t remember how many times I said: you have to change it. But, probably it’s a normal phase in everyone’s live. Starting with a lot of new, fabulous sites but after some time, it’s not possible anymore to follow everything. At the end of a day, when I look at how much time I spent working on the computer I’m a little bit concerned.

15. Do you watch TV, (if so, what are your favorites?)

Yes. Even when I’m working on a new piece of jewelry, my TV has to be turned on. Thrillers, crime movies, SF. But, also, good historical documentaries.

16. What do you eat?

Almost everything. I can’t resist Haribo candies, ice-cream and pasta with every kind of sauces.

17. Do you believe in flying saucers?

Let’s put it this way: I don’t believe in aliens like those from “Star wars” or “Alien”. But, I do believe in live somewhere in the deep of the universe. I can’t believe that live exist only on our planet. Think, this would be some kind of selfish. 

18. Do you believe in magic?

O, yes, I do. 

La Dolce Vita

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Interview As Art

Marian Hertzog

Blue Heron
on the Nanticoke River

1.  What was your first work of art and how old were you?

My first work of art was painting a ceramic Christmas ball. My mom taught ceramic classes in our basement. She had four balls with scenes on them. I came up with painting one with blue paint that resembled a staining effect. I was probably 8 or 10 years old. My mom and aunt loved it and made several like the one I did. Made me feel pretty special! The first drawing I did that I felt good about was when I was in my early twenties with some colored pencils.

2. What did you do for fun when you were a teenager?

I can't tell you what I did for fun as a teenager... we were bad.

3. What and when was your first job?

My first job was as a sales clerk in a ladies clothing store when I turned 16.

4. Where do you get your ideas?

 I get my ideas from surrounding myself with my stuff and letting my muse travel. I also get inspired by looking at others work.

5. What is your favorite color?

 My favorite color is teal or blue green like Crayola crayon.

Turquoise Drops 2

6. What kind of toys do you have?

 My art tools are my toys. The biggest toy we have is our camper. We love to camp in the woods or by the water. My Havanese babies are my alive toys.

7. What time do you go to bed and what time do you get up (most of the time)?

My perfect sleep hours would be from 11pm to 7am. But I work as an accountant three days a week so I have to get up at 6 to start my day so I am tired earlier.

8. How much time do you spend on the computer?

I spend way too much time on the computer but I love looking at all the wonderful creations and ideas on Pinterest and in Blogland.

9. Do you believe in flying saucers?

I believe that we never know what else is out there beyond our current means of weights and measures. Remember that at one time the greatest minds in the world were sure that it was flat.

10. Do you believe in magic?

I believe that we only see part of what exists so that things can appear like magic.

The Leaf Princess (front)
The Leaf Princess