Thursday, January 6, 2011

Progress... Vagabond Jewelry

TADA group has sprouted from RAD group and many of you know how addictive it had become. I believe many of you will understand me when I say this: I was putting my babies to sleep and while laying by their sides my thoughts were wondering about some designs for the theme I have chosen for this project and then suddenly my I started drifting to figuring out how to make them work as rings. Suddenly felt relieved by the fact that I can make other things as well and not just rings :) Of course, rings will be made as well.

Now, let us see how far has someone come with the progress. I thought I'd do each post about one person.
This time it is Kest Schwartzman (Vagabond Jewelry). Her theme is a very impressive one.


I am going to enjoy all the way following her progress, her changing design until she's satisfied and doing the finale. Here are some of her uploads. First one was about correct spelling of the word... triceratops.

triceratops spelling

triceratops printouts


4.1 on copper
This is her last uploaded version.

Clicking at these photos will take you directly to her Flickr photostream and you can enjoy the progress as well as her other work.

Visit TADA365 on flickr to see what other members are working on.

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