Monday, August 8, 2011

ABC, Work in Progress

First of all I thank you in advance for excusing my very basic English in jewelry and design,
I am more used to use it for the cooking and the animals than to describe what I have in the head!

ABC Challenge, letters R and C

The first letter is "R" for Ribbon.
I had an order for a red bracelet. The inspiration for this customer is a leather cuff with a big knot.
I had several experiments on bangles in polymerclay and I know I must take time to find a new way to "make" it. First I've tried to "see" the "pattern" I prefer with paper strips.
Finding inspiration is exciting...but...

What I learned of my experience of selling... it is that the customers wait for more solidity of my part than the jewelry which they're used to buying "cheap" even if it is metallic and if I work only polymerclay...
So solidity is the most important challenge, and building is important in the work of design.

Thickness pairs with solidity in polymerclay, so "R" for Ribbon is a challenge!

The first drawing was made to list meanings for me about ribbon and knots...I'm very interested in the "link" and "couture" inspiration...the ribbon around the wrist, tightened enough... I do not like the soft forms and always look for tense lines, rest of my time in Architecture Studio, but I like the forms in live models!!! ;-)))
As I was sure to keep the idea of "tightened " I drew some ideas of how to make it so...Bangles are to be forgotten and hinged bracelets are too expensive in time and then to be sold...
My order was to not be too expensive...
Second drawing is listing of some ribbon signs, sure there are others, and at the end was the result of the interview I made at home...;-)))

After I made all this work I refused the order...;-)) but I will make it for The ABC Challenge.

PolyPediaOnline "Mosquito Pack" Tutorials - How to create thin, strong, flexible and durable polymer clay pieces

Nevertheless I think that the solution for a cheap way may be in the mosquito technique by Iris, maybe someone would like to try it , but this is not my idea of the ribbon...tightened around wrist.
Iris's picture, I think, is the nearest idea of the ribbon, I'm not promoting advertising for the tutorial, only showing inspirational pictures...

Beside, some googled inspiration...Splendors of Court, portrait of Marie Antoinette and close-up of another lady, Chanel model with ribbon around the neck, and High jewelry by Chanel... I love the watch with long bracelet, it is very trendy since some seasons...

Second letter is "C" for Camélia

I've experimented for the first time a technique of "casting" polymerclay for my Project "Eau dynamique" and I'd like to improve it with this idea of "Lace" and "Couture" I used for the first time. The lace I made was like a Low neck from some century before...

This time I would like to make a Lace flower like Chanel's fabric flowers in her time.
And Camélia was her flower.

Not sure I will be successful!!!

Some more thoughts if you like:
Of course I would like to work more with metal, and I think my way to design is really biased for some of you... that's polymerclay...
It is a point of view that can easily be discussed and deformed as people are working this material with an experimental sight for most of them.
I used the word "experiment" several times but in fact I'm making things, and I hate when it doesn't work as I thought it was going to work and don't take any education from these failures except sadness and feeling of wasting, so I don't begin if I'm not sure of what is going to happen and how strong it will be when finished.
I'm learning before making, and I do love that. ;-))


  1. Nice to see your thinking on all of this!

  2. loved the Eau Dynamique project Eva! beautiful! interesting to read ur thought process..wd be great to be able to see ur sketches more closely tho' to relate ur thought process to it

  3. hey pallavi and Evelyn, thank you for the com'!!!!
    i haven't seen that the pictures were not correctly linked!
    I'll fix it, sorry!

  4. Thanks for sharing your point of view and ideas. Your Eau Dynamique piece is beautiful, love the colors and shapes. Looking forward to seeing more of your colorful creations. :)