Monday, August 1, 2011

the ABC progress: L and M

When I got the letter M (alongwith L), it didnt take me long to figure out what I wanted to do with it. The days were hot and humid, and like every Indian, my heart desired just one thing...for the onset of the Monsoons.

I have already posted some of my explorations in this series. Here they are again:
Monsoon is a time of revival..of seeds, pods and flowers...and I love wearing these rings together...its almost as though the story comes together

Monsoon/सावन is also the season of  Lovers..ah yes the other letter...maybe I'll combine the two ; )

Here's a favorite miniature painting..the protagonist is Abhisaarikaa, one of the eight kinds of women in Indian mythology..who braves the stormy night to go out in search of her lover. It is the story of a soul's complete devotion to find God(Krishna), that it leaves all its fears and inhibitions behind


  1. Pallavi, this is perfect!!! So inspirational!

  2. thanx Evelyn! i'm going to draw from the miniatures now..look fwd to it : )

  3. I really like the explaination of the meaning! You've been making more jewelry now, why not making more text like this one?! earrings are completly matching!!!

  4. thanx Eva! : )