Sunday, July 17, 2011

Twigs & Strings

Sitting in the backyard of my new dwelling place near the top of a not so high a mountain, thinking of all the possible inspirations I could find in words beginning with an "R" or an "S", a sound coming from the top of a tree aroused my dormant attention to the surrounding beauty of nature. Bird song echoed through my heart, breaking rusty chains of my previous city life, opening a forgotten door created only a year ago through RAD (Ring a Day flickr challenge)... FREEDOM in ARTISTIC EXPRESSION.
As soon as my mind got tickled with all the uplifting memories from RAD, eyes wondered in all possible directions trying to capture a form, lost object or an abstract inspiration that could be used for this new collection for TADA.
And there it was right in front of me! That one lonely vine in the backyard, still giving shade during these hot summer days, had something to tell me. I approached slowly looking around that old lady, feeling a hurricane of emotions accumulating inside me for some unknown but still predictable reason.
"Cut some twigs", a thought passed through my mind. I did. One here, one there, one swirly, one crooked... I stopped and took a glance at the shapes and realised there was a ring, a pin, brooch and pendants... I might add some colored strings...

"Peel the bark" another thought passed. There was lots of dry bark hanging from that old vine. I paused, took a deep breath of fresh air and fresh inspiration and felt relieved. When I peeled first piece of that dry bark a shape formed without any effort from my behalf. It was a necklace. Ideas made a stampede through the head so I laid that piece aside and continued to peel some more off that dry bark..... Oh look at the rustic effect... oh how rich the texture and color... it was a bracelet.... I looked above my head where the grapes were ripening and saw some dried out hanging like earrings... Oh my, I thought, this is a complete set.

I shall call it with an S....  Simpli de Vine!

What is next?...


  1. So great to have you back!!!!
    Such great inspiration and your writing is poetic!!

  2. Love your writing too and the way your mind works. Feels wonderful to have you back Sandra!

  3. Aleksandra MicicJuly 21, 2011 at 5:16 PM

    I do feel great joy and pleasure to be back with you all! Thanks Ev and Maria!