Thursday, July 7, 2011

N and Q

TADA #147/365 5/28/11

First thoughts on what my letters might be for the TADA ABC Jewelry challenge.

Very elementary stage!

But in my quest for words that begin with my letters... I came upon this website called 'List of unusual words beginning with the letter...'
If you are looking for inspiration... this is the place to go!! Ok, a lot of the words I listed here, are really unlikely candidates, but they were such great words, I just couldn't resist!!

From a site of unusual words:
The letter N:

nanism - the condition of being dwarfed or being a dwarf
narcolepsy - patholgical drowsiness
nascent - immature; in process of birth
naturalism - belief that the world can be explained in terms of natural forces
nemorous - wooded
neophobia - fear of novelty
nepheligenous - discharging smoke in clouds
nepionic - of, like or pertaining to the embryonic period of development
nervure - vein of a leaf
nidamental - nest-forming
nieve - hand or fist
numquid - an inquisitive person
nychtemeron - a full night and a day

The letter Q:

quacksalver - one who false pretends to knowledge of medicine
quadragintesimal - forty fold, having 40 parts
quadral - in four parts
quadrifoliate - having four leaves
quadrivium - four branches of mathematics in medieval education
quahog - type of edible clam
quarion - candle
quaternitarian - one who believes god consists of 4 parts
quatrayle - great-great-great grandfather
quatrefoil- 4 petaled flower; design or ornament with 4 flowers or leaves
querl - to twist; to curl
quinary - based on the number 5
quoz - absurd person or thing


  1. so which ones hv u finally selected?

  2. I'm still not sure!! I'm teetering on quatrfoil or maybe quadrilateral and narcolepsy, nieve, or maybe narcissisus.
    How are you coming along?

  3. I remember stumbling upon this website when I was looking for my words! Fun! I recognized some of them because they are derived from the greek language but most of them had never heard before :-)

    Are you actually going to choose from these words? That would be very interesting to watch :-)