Friday, February 18, 2011

Where Are You At?


Are you where you thought you were going? What have you learned? Has your direction changed?

I think the most startling thing that I've learned producing work to post in TADA, is that if I want to get better, if I want to evolve, if I want to learn things, if I want to develop a style... I have to work. Every day. For more than 5 minutes. For at least 4-6 hours. I can't just think I want to create a body of work. I have to actually do it. And it doesn't matter if what I'm working on is 'the one'... 'the masterpiece'... 'the best idea I've ever had'...  It just matters that you are working. You can't just sit around waiting for that one great idea. Things evolve and develop when you can spend some time working on them. You make mistakes which help you to evolve and look at them and at first think 'damn' and then 'hmmmm that looks interesting, maybe I'll try that again, only this time, I'll ...'

Leave a comment and tell us where you're at and post your 1st TADA and your last one so far. No judgement, no criticism, just a way to gauge where you've gone.

notes 1-11
 January 1, 2011

TADA #47/365 2/16/11
February 16, 2011

For me, my first post makes absolutely no sense! I sort of remember writing it, but I don't remember why. It seems  like about 10 different directions. My last post is several experimental pieces trying different techniques with folding and forging and enameling. Samples for techniques I want to use on pieces I'm working with. I rarely did sample pieces before. I always just wanted to get down to the piece. It was kind of like the experiment. But now I'm having fun trying out different things and seeing what the metal and the enamels can do. 


  1. Just want to tell you that you have pushed me from day one with your studies and questions and trials.... so I made myself do the same... maybe not as much as I'd want to(circumstances)but I turned myself in many directions and touched every technique I planned to try this year. Now I need to practice. The main thing is that my way of thinking and understanding of what means being an artist and what art actually is changed, improved and got some dimension and depth. I am not sure where you want us to post, but I'll just leave the links here to my fisrt and my last TADA post on Flickr:

  2. Well, for me everything went very well during the first month. Thanks to TADA and your support, I stayed focused and completed the resin series. But I'm suspecting that the struggle with my own self and my processes only starts now.
    I'm torn between all these ideas and I have to decide my direction...that should be fun to see how it goes....!
    This is my first entry - sketches for a resin ring, based on a RAD design
    ....and here's my latest one - dusty miller inspiration for the botanical collection.