Friday, April 1, 2011

Bits and Pieces

Usually right after I finish something major, which in this case would have been that moth necklace with 32 metal components, I have a hard time getting back in the groove. Kind of like when you read a good book and then you finish it. What do you read next?

So my TADA posts have mostly been bits and pieces that I've been playing around with until I get into that groove again, until I think of the next great idea. I'll try out some enamels, I'll fold some copper, I'll pierce some shapes out of copper, just keep acquiring little 'bits and pieces.' I usually feel completely aimless and start wondering why I do this. I start cleaning things to avoid thinking. But eventually, I end up with all these bits and pieces and I look at them and arrange them and play with them and eventually something comes together. Usually something I don't expect. (Snow White is on in the background-yes, my husband is watching it-and I just realized I was typing in time to the dwarfs singing 'Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho it's off to work I go')

So here are some of the bits and pieces. Maybe next week I can show something I did with them!!

TADA #87/365      TADA #88/365 3/30/11         TADA #86/365 3/28/11                      TADA #85/365 3/27/11      
    TADA #84/365 3/26/11


  1. I can relate 100%! The same happened to me right after I finished the resin series.....I guess it's part of the process. Eventually everything will fall into place. Btw, these all all great pieces, so many possibilities here.

  2. sweeeeet love the birds and the moths can't wait to see what you have done,,,,,a mobile perhaps of the birds,,,,,yaa too ordinary ,,,but that is all i have right now :) still ur number one fan i just wont tie you up and break your bones (steven king reference),,,dennise

  3. hmmmm, Dennise, I thought I already commented on this... I said you crack me up!! Maybe I forgot to post it!