Friday, March 4, 2011

A Walk Through the Garden--Evelyn Markasky

Let's pretend that it's not snowing or raining or freezing. Let's pretend that it's spring.  We will use our artistic license and pull out some of our TADA artists and take a walk through our virtual spring garden. After all on February 2, Punxsutawny Phil, the groundhog, crawled out of his burrow and didn't see his shadow, which means that spring temperatures are just around the corner. Well, that prediction was over a month ago. We just had an arctic storm come through and the winds were strong, cold, and icy. Soooo, if you're getting tired of winter... come take a look and see what the TADA sunshine has grown:

20/2/11 How odd combinations can work TADA365 No:58
 Helen Derici

 Ponsawan Sila 

TADA 365 #55 Jessica's Poppy Pendant
Jill Palumbo

TADA 3/365- Brooch
A Blackbird

TADA365 031 Swirling Sari pendant
Lee Ann

TADA365 #35
Aleksandra Micic

I feel better already!!


  1. You are beautiful! TADA is really a fragrant garden full of budding and blossoming artists. You just made me feel better too... not because my piece is here but because of your encouraging and warming words in these gloomy snowy days :) Thanks for this very imaginative creative post!
    Big kiss from me!

  2. It's really been an honor to just be associated with the wonderful artists in TADA.