Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Making a Fig Box Jewel from polymerclay

I will make something close to this old box i've made in 2008 from a picture
beautiful pics here!!!!

This project is the "fruit" of a challenge with a Frenchwoman artist of Polymer Clay,
With her I share the taste of the "trompe l'œil" and the "faux", inspired by the nature this Parisian is also gastronome, and there also I join her...
Thus the end of 2011, further to an article on one of its exhibitions of the end of year we exchanged some words on " figs in polymer clay", and as I am crazy about fresh figs texture, taste, the seeds which crack between teeth I dashed.
Regards fruits and fleshy vegetables, as wife of Cook I always considered these as having two aspects: inside and the outside. Outside which we remove or not, outside that we cut to see / eat the inside... The box is a permanent obsession for me and thus having hesitated on the project fig ring which deprived me almost of the vision of the inside (unless removing the ring... Contemporary rings have this idea/concept...) I returned towards my passion of boxes and their construction.

I chose one i've made in 2008, whose hinge is almost invisible, which is interesting for a fruit cut in halves...

3 days working on and this is the result...

Did you know that fig doesn't undergo the gravity on the tree... i mean "not like an apple"

The link between tree and fruit is special, so i did it... but of course i didn't change the usual pendant of the purse...

I am a girl from 70ies, My childhood was marked by movies " as "La Belle et la Bête" of Jean Cocteau, "Peau d'Ane" of Jacques Demy, but also all the Cape and sword Movies where the women wore dresses covered with precious stones which made them sparkle... 

I love these vague pictures of sparkling women in great and poetic dresses... It is the global feeling that I looked for as finish of the jewel with some glitter sealed in the material beside Swarovski crystals .

I hope you enjoyed the story. Happy New year with TADA!!!


  1. This is a great story, love your research! Very cool project!
    And thanks for getting the ball rolling!!

    1. Thank you Evelyn!
      Inspiration is in our mind first...who we are, from where we come... what we love... Putting them into words each time we need and make thoughts become real things... Research helps to realize thoughts in pics that can be modified...or not to correspond to our idea, and then scrutinized to make it happens!